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You can register for Parks & Recreation programs, camps, and sports, find a Community center or park, rent a facility or an area, or return to your community. Parks & Recreation provides a multitude of possibilities for all, including nine leisure centers, two water installations and 56 parks. Whether you are looking to learn for your pre-school teacher; enrich your kids with school breaks or after college; you want to increase the ability of your kid to play sport; or merely you're searching for something fresh and exciting, Chula Vista Parks & Recreation is all about you.


The youth and teenager programs of Chula Vista's Recreational Department offer possibilities for private advancement and social development through leisure operations aimed at particular ages. These programs encourage the growth and participation in beneficial recreation operations of social skills, peer participation and health and wellness.

Every curve of a new challenge

Rancho Del Rey, a semi-private 18-hole golf course par 72 parkland is located in the small town of Atwater in California. Rancho has been designed and offers golfers of all levels a challenge. We have a complete range of driving and two practice courses to strengthen greens. The Handicap Café and Lounge are located in the clubhouse. Whether you're seeking a nice lunch spot or you need a cold drink at the end of your day, here's our friendly staff! Book your tee now and enjoy the experience of Rancho Del Rey!!!

Trail bike tours

El Rancho is happy to have the chance for our customers to participate in road biking across the beautiful country side of Andalusia. Fran & Andy who operate Andalusian Trail trips here in Spain are some of the friendliest and qualified individuals that you can choose to satisfy. Andalucian Trail Bike Tours is located just a few kilometers from El Rancho, you can take a professional guided trip through the amazing Andalusian hills on user-friendly trail bikes. A top trail bike, complete protective clothing, petrol, dinner, bike insurance and a complimentary CD with images of your day are included here. All bicycles come with a small seat height and electric start.