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Are you a passionate about horse riding and looking for people who share your passion ? Do you plan to launch into horse riding and you need some piece of advice to succeed ? Are you a highly qualified horse rider and you want to put your skill to good use to help the equestrian community ? You found the right place !

A passionate community

We are a passionate horse riders community, who is destined to connect each other the horse riders all over the world. We all are driven by the same desire : share our passion and help each other ! Here you will be able to find horse riders of every age and every level, who share theirs tips and tricks and horse riders good deals.You will also find some tutorials to customize and recycle your used stuff like used french saddles, products review and purchase guide as well. We thought about every horse rider, beginners and experts, to help as many people as possible and spread our passion the most possible.

The health of the horse above all

We extol the most respectful possible horse riding, in perfect harmony with the horse. We think it is important to not consider the horse as an adversary which has to be submitted, but as an equal partner with which you have to cooperate in the greatest respect. We also encourage every horse rider to educate himself to be able to provide the basic veterinarian cares. Moreover we advice to show the horse to a osteopath at least once a year to make sure of its good health. It is also important to spend a lot of time with your horse without riding him everyday, to reinorce the relationship and understand it better. The more the rider respects his horse, the more the horse is inclined to work well. Everything is acceptable for everyone !

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